Hello, from your neighborhood garden vixen.

One of my favorite books as a child was The Secret Garden.  I can't remember much about what I read -- actually, the story was quite dull.  But I remember the feeling I had imagining what could be behind those garden walls.

The thought was thrilling--

There was a taboo of entering a forbidden place;

And aliveness and alertness one has being in the wild, untamed, hostile space, like one of decaying bushes and vines;

There was the thrill and passion of discovery;

And the magic and mystique of the plant world.

The spirit of my 9-year-old-self was stirred, and it awakened a deep memory within me.  It was the memory of Jamaica: The song of the sea carried on the wind. The cicadas that chirped the song of the stars. The Earth, the Mountains, the Jungle, singing so loudly the song of their Life 

Nature is a beautiful thing. But WILD NATURE, --that's a Majestic Symphony of Life!

I'm Melissa Chin Casey.

I grow and make the products at NAANI Love. My mission is to plant gorgeous plant and cultivate more nature in the world.  My goal is to bring the spirit of the plants to you, so that you can be inspired and influenced by their beauty and vitality.  I make the plants user-friendly by giving them to you in a form you can use for self-care: oils, sprays, perfumes, teas, and soaps.  

So that you can enjoy the nourishment, inspiration, and pleasure of the plant-world everyday.




herbalist, midwife, grower, artisan