About NAANI Love

NAANI Love is about harmonizing inner beauty with the natural world around us by using natures most potent botanicals in their most natural form. 

We grow our botanicals and extract them in-house.  Our mists, waters, and perfumes are made with hand-picked fully-bloomed flowers, grown organically in the NAANI Botanical Garden. Not only does this increase potency of the product, but it also allows for sustainable growing and manufacturing. 

Our garden is located in Miami, FL, allowing us to grow subtropical fragrant blooms and grow year round. 



About Melissa

I'm an Herbalist, a Midwife, a Grower, and an Artisan. But before that, I was a little girl, wild and free, living on an island off the coast of Jamaica. By day, I listened to the wisdom of the breeze & the ocean, and by night the cicadas taught me the songs of the stars. I drank coconuts and tickled plants whose tendrils would curl up and shy away from my touch. I swam in the ocean everyday. 

Wild Nature is familiar to me; the jungle was my first home. And so I see our inner nature of like the wild — primal and untamed, yet wise, balanced & ordered.  It knows what it needs, but is humble enough to accept the tendrils of one who reaches to  shape its’ wild into  livable, lush, and luxurious vitality. 

My work is an expression of beauty and service.  I draw from my Chinese and Jamaican heritage, Western Herbalism, as well as the most up-to-date research in botanical science. I hope that the flowers I work with nourish you and make you feel beautiful, both inside and out.